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The summer of 2020 saw Australia devastated by bushfires that burnt through the country. The kids from the SDS Mega crew were deeply affected by not only what they were seeing on TV but had friends and family caught up in tragedy.

The Street Dance Studio students decided they wanted to help in their own way and that was to dance for donations. They knew how generous the Box Hill community could be after they had spent time busking to raise money for their 2019 USA trip.

On the 4th of January 2020 the SDS Mega Crew hit Box Hill Central Mall and in 2 hours they raised $1713!!!! Finding they had amazing support and a platform to help, they set their own target of $5000. Determined to achieve their goal they spent their summer holidays dancing between Box Hill and Eastland. Their final about was $5067!!!!

Kat and Troy are so proud of what the students did for the community and the way they gave back, ‘We are so proud of the kids who have committed their time and talents to raise money for people who really need it during this horrible time. We are so impressed with the community spirit and empathy for others they have demonstrated which reflects the values of Street Dance Studios and what we stand for.’

Thank you to all our friends, families and community who donated and gave up their time. All Donations went to the Bendigo Bank BushFire Appeal.

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