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Competition Time

We love a little healthy competition at Street Dance Studios so we are giving you a new platform to show off your skills. For the first time ever we will be running a Street Dance Studios Hip Hop Competition!!!!

Why a competition?? We believe a competition will:

  • Push dancers harder to work on their skills

  • Create a healthy competitive environment

  • A new fun studio activity

  • Meet new people

  • Stage experience

  • Teaches students to take critique, constructive criticism, and learn manners in winning and losing

  • An extra performance opportunities

Our competition will have the following divisions. Solo - U8s and 9+, Duos - U8s and 9+, Groups (3-8 members), Breaking 1x1 and 3x3. There will be guest judges, awesome prizes, professional photographer and lots of fun. Round up your friends and start practicing. Keep your eyes peeled for more details coming soon!!!!

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