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In July, our SDS Mega-Crew journeyed to the USA on a once in a lifetime dance tour of LA which included Universal Studios, Hollywood Boulevard, Citadel Shopping Outlets and DISNEYLAND!!!

We touched down in LA with some very tired dancers and spent the day visiting LA landmarks and learning about the city.

After a good night's sleep the dancers were ready to take on LA. Day 1 started with a sugar-

loaded breakfast at Goofy’s kitchen and a morning exploring Disneyland. The afternoon was spent in a Disney performing arts workshop where dancers had the amazing opportunity to take a lesson from Disney themselves.

The next day was another workshop at one of the best studios in LA, Millenium Dance Complex. From there we spent the next few days taking our performance across LA to rave reviews.

Disneyland was of course the highlight of the trip. Word quickly spread about our high energy and electrifying performance so Disney asked us to perform a second time! This is a very rare occurrence and an amazing reflection on our crew.

Our final performance was on Hollywood Boulevard in front of the famous Madame Tussauds followed by a dinner at Bubba Gumps where we reflected on the achievements of the week.

The trip was a huge success with positive feedback received everywhere we went. We had crowds of hundreds watching and dancing along with us. Disney told us it was one of the best performances they’ve ever had!!!!

Thank you to Kat and Troy for their endless hours of choreographing, rehearsal and dedication they gave, the parents for the support they showed the studio and the kids and especially the crew for their commitment, and blood, sweat and tears they put in and their undying love for dance which made this possible . We have big plans for our dance crews so keep your eyes peeled for what’s next.

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