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End of Year Showcase update

With the End of Year Showcase only 3 weeks away, this is a reminder to all performers, families and friends that registrations close 2nd of December, 2018.

Please ensure you have completed all the applicable forms (links provided below) and organised payment by the 2nd of December. Forms you may need to complete are performer registrations online if required, table registrations online and in-class shirt size. Costumes shopping has already begun, so it's crucial that we know exact numbers and sizes. If for some reason you can no longer join in with the show but have put your name down, you will still be charged for costumes. Costumes and ticket sales are non-refundable. This year we will be selling food, drinks and snacks at the canteen so bring some change. If you were wanting something a little more, some families order pizzas and get them delivered to the venue while others bring platters to share especially for the night show which is around dinner time. If you have never been to a showcase before, you are in for a super fun time. Along with class performances, there will be competitions, public dancing, hot mumma and pimp daddy of the night (the real highlight). Can’t wait to see you there!

To register a performer - please click here

8 Years and Under

To book tickets for the junior show - please click here

9+ / Adult

To book tickets for the senior show - please click here

If you’re wanting to watch both shows - please click here

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