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Over the past few weeks our teachers have been preparing all 6-8yrs and 9-14yrs students for their Level Up Grading Day! Our next Level Up Grading Day is on Sunday 20th August.

This Level Up Grading Day is for all students aged 6-14 wanting to complete their Level 1 or 2 grading. Grading times are; 6-8 yrs Hip Hop Level 1 - 10am 6-8 yrs Hip Hop Level 2 - 10:30am 9-14 yrs Hip Hop Level 1 - 11am 9-14 yrs Hip Hop Level 2 - 11:30am 6-8 yrs Breaking Level 1 - 12pm Please register for Level Up by scanning the QR code on the flyer your child brings home after class, or by clicking the link below.



- Any student wishing to attend classes Level 2 and above must grade - Grading will consist of the groove moves taught in class during assessment weeks - Kat and Troy will assess students based on ability to complete the move with technique and groove - At the end of assessment, students will be given a pass or re-try - If students pass they can start attending classes in the next level (within their age group) - If students are told to re-try, it does not mean they fail. They will get constructive feedback, continue with current classes, and re-asses at the next Level Up Grading Day DISCLAIMER: If your child does not wish to participate please inform your teacher. It is optional however they will be required to stay in a Level 1 class



Come check out our All Levels All Styles/Freestyle class every Saturday 12-1pm with Jack! Level up your moves each week and learn different styles! Tomorrow's class is focusing on popping, so come along and learn a new style of street dance!



Did you know you can have your birthday party at SDS? We offer a party package which includes 2 hours of exclusive use of the studio plus 2 professional dance hosts! Email us for more information and have your next party at SDS!

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