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Level Up Grading Day Cheat Sheet

Level Up Grading Day is coming up on October 14 and we have your cheat sheet ready!!!! SDS Extra is the best study tool you can have to ensure you pass. It has all the grooves moves you will be tested on plus gives you routines to practice. Grading Day will consist of both these aspects - testing of moves you learnt in assessment week as well as learning a new routine and performing it in front of the class.

The Grooves moves section will be a little different to what its been like in class. Instead of doing it all together, you will be split into small groups. Our expectations of this is for you to perform the move technically correct as well as adding some performance value to it. Make sure you go full out! Same goes for the routine - do it like you would for showcase!!!! More specific details for grading day coming up soon. In the meantime, visit SDS Extra and practice, practice, practice. We want everyone to pass easily.

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