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It’s time to take things to the next LEVEL

Updated: Jun 29, 2018

We’re super lucky here at SDS to have such amazing loyalty from our dancers. We feel blessed to have our students and families follow us along our incredible journey, and it's been humbling to watch them not only turn into incredible dancers, but incredible people!

It's not just them growing up - it’s the studio (and us.. Kat's almost 30!) too. We've had to develop along the way to keep up with the increasing numbers and the increasing abilities.

We know that every student learns differently, and takes their own time to mature into their best 'dancer' self. That's why we've created, (drum roll please....) our brand new SDS Level Up Program.

We have taken the lead from other disciplines such as karate and ballet, who constantly test and evaluate their student’s progress. Level Up is a systematic approach to better develop our students into the next generation of superstars. It will make the development process more visible so kids and parents will have a clear vision of where their child is, and an indication of what it takes to qualify for the next level. Level Up is now the kid's pathway into joining the elite SDS crews.

We know hip-hop, in particular, is about your own sense of self, proving who you are and expressing individuality. We still want the kids to do this but want them to be comfortable doing it! We don’t want beginners joining a class and feeling intimidated because everyone else can dance to a higher level. We want beginners walking into a level 1 class knowing that everyone in that room is at the same level and that they belong. On the flip side, we have some very advanced students. We don’t want them to get bored and lose their passion - we want them to be constantly challenged and excited.

Of course like everything at SDS, Level Up is your choice! If your child is happy dancing in their level 1 class and doesn’t want to 'level' we totally get it! As long as they’re happy, we’re happy.

We are excited to hit the ground running with this program. We are confident it will make the kids even more amazing and the studio even stronger.

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