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Updated: Aug 19, 2023

IT'S TIME TO LEVEL UP Level Up Grading is on this Sunday 20th August.

This Level Up Grading Day is for all students aged 6-14 wanting to complete their Level 1 or 2 grading. Grading times are; 6-8 yrs Hip Hop Level 1 - 10am 6-8 yrs Hip Hop Level 2 - 10:30am 9-14 yrs Hip Hop Level 1 - 11am 9-14 yrs Hip Hop Level 2 - 11:30am 6-8 yrs Breaking Level 1 - 12pm Please register for Level Up by scanning the QR code on the flyer your child brings home after class, or by clicking the button below. Register to Level Up

HOW LEVEL UP WORKS - Any student wishing to attend classes Level 2 and above must grade - Grading will consist of the groove moves taught in class during assessment weeks - Kat and Troy will assess students based on ability to complete the move with technique and groove - At the end of assessment, students will be given a pass or re-try - If students pass they can start attending classes in the next level (within their age group) - If students are told to re-try, it does not mean they fail. They will get constructive feedback, continue with current classes, and re-asses at the next Level Up Grading Day DISCLAIMER: If your child does not wish to participate please inform your teacher. It is optional however they will be required to stay in a Level 1 class


SDS BATTLES We are so excited to be running our SDS Battles event again!

Join us next Sunday 27th August at 2pm to battle it out on the dance floor! If you're looking for some dance battle inspiration, we recommend watching 'You Got Served' or/and 'Step Up 3'! $5 entry fee for competitors and free entry for spectators to come and watch. To register to compete, click below.


ALL LEVELS ALL STYLES/FREESTYLE Come check out our All Levels All Styles/Freestyle class every Saturday 12-1pm with Jack! With everything from popping, tutting, waving, and liquid, to footwork and tricks, level up your moves each week and learn different styles.

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