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New Year, New Timetable

What a monumental year for SDS. We've shared some incredible moments across the year, faced some challenges, and implemented new structures and training tools such as the Level Up program and SDS Extra. The students have taken everything on amazingly and we are so proud of their ability to adapt and take on whatever challenge we've thrown at them. Our timetable for 2019 has had a complete makeover so make sure you look through it thoroughly and think about trying something new next year. We're going to be asking some students not to take on too many classes next year - as we recommend a maximum of 4 per week. We would prefer you to attend fewer classes but do them at 100%, rather than doing all classes at 50%. The last class of the year will be Saturday the 15th of December, and we will resume in 2019 on January the 21st with the new timetable. A reminder that if you attended the Level Up program you are permitted to stay in the same level classes you are currently in. If you chose not to Level Up, you are only permitted to attend Level 1 or 2 classes. We hope you have a great Christmas break and come back recharged and ready to go. See you all in 2019!

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