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SDS Competition Results

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Congratulations to all the competitors at our first SDS competition. It was a fun night and we hoped you enjoyed as much as we did. It was a first for us (hosting a competition) and a good learning curve. We will change a few things up next time but look forward to doing it again.

We were very impressed with the routines you created and we hope to see more people there next year. Here is a full list of the winners:


10 & Under

1st - Gabriella

2nd - Brianna

3rd - Tabitha

14 & Under

1st - Charity

2nd - Markus

3rd - Kelvin


1st - Kayla

2nd - Chesson

3rd - Logan


10 & Under

1st - Brianna and Jayden

2nd - Tabitha and Stephen

3rd - Gabby, Sam and Aimee

14 & Under

1st - James, Bartek and Fraser

2nd - Markus, Will and Kai

Equal 3rd - Shantae and Tyra / Mietta and Ahliya

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