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SDS Presents the Victorian Primary School Dance Competition

On Thursday 19th September we hosted our first Victorian Primary School Dance Competition (VPSDC). After developing their SDS lunchtime and classroom schools program, Kat and Troy came up with the idea to develop an inter-school competition designed to get primary school students dancing in both group and individual settings.

Purely for grades 4-6, its planned workings are based off a very similar structure to that of ‘interschool sports’. Primary schools will be broken up into districts where they will compete against other schools, ultimately looking for a national championship-winning dance team. For our first VPSDC, we wanted to keep it small with schools we had been working with in the area.

We had 3 category’s - Solo’s, Duos/Trios and Groups. Solo’s were broken down into grades. It was amazing to see all the hard work and effort put in by all the students and how well they worked together. We saw some very talented dancers including some of our own dancers who were there representing our their school’s.

The school group performance was our main event. Results were:

1st Place - Orchard Grove Primary School (Teacher - Jarrod)

2nd Place - Heathmont East Primary School (Natalie from Heathmont East)

3rd Place - Tintern Grammar (Teacher - Morgan)

SDS Students who placed:

Stephen - 1st place Grade 6 Solo

Aimee - 3rd place Grade 6 Solo

Montana - 1st place Grade 4 Solo

Tabitha - 2nd place Grade 4 Solo

Bartek - 1st place Duo/Trio

If anyone would like to get their primary school involved for next year’s competition and include a hip hop dance program at their school email to receive more information!

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