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Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Watch out ghouls and gals, we’re planning something fun!

It’s an open invitation, so invite everyone.

Come dressed as a witch, or even a zombie dancer.

Whatever the outfit, lots of blood is the answer.

The tapping you hear - will come from your feet.

There’ll be dancing and games and a bone-rattling beat.

SDS can’t wait to be your ‘spooktacular’ emcee!

We promise not to scare you, so much that you pee.


October means only one thing for us - A HALLOWEEN PARTY!! So start planning your outfits and invite all your friends. There will be prizes to be won including best dressed!

Because Halloween is all about dressing up, all funds raised will be going towards making costumes for SDS’s 2019 USA dance tour. So come down, bring your friends, family, and anyone in-between! It is open to everyone of all ages.

Details are:

  • Friday the 26th of October

  • Time: 6pm-8.30pm

  • $10 entry per person $5 for 5yrs and under

  • Snack and drinks provided

  • Kid-friendly

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