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Time to Level Up

Our Level Up program is now in full swing. Teachers have been working hard to teach correct hip-hop terminology in class and it’s amazing to see the kids take to it so easily.

We’ve had a few people worry about the testing element but we can reassure everyone it is nothing to be scared of. It’s a great indicator for the student to have to see where they are up to and also for us to know what we should be working on more in class.

Coming up in September we will be holding our first Level Up Grading Day. This will be available to those who have passed their in-class assessment and are informed by their teachers they are ready to Level Up. Each student will be given a time to come in and will be assessed on elements such as groove moves, choreography and performance which

will be recorded in their Level Up criteria booklet. This combined with in-class behaviour, attendance and ability will be calculated together to deem if they’ve passed. Once they have passed they will given a new level patch to be sown on their SDS Level Up Jumper. If unsuccessful they will be given constructive critique and encouraged to try again. Remember - they DO NOT FAIL if their grading is unsuccessful. Everyone progresses at different rates. It will all happen in time.

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